The adidas Rose 7 Primeknit ‘Home’ is Now Available

When we first saw this colorway of the Rose 7 drop, in was only in European stores for a little more than US retail (about $185). At the time, no known date for an American drop was out, but you had to know this colorway would eventually hit Stateside.

Wonder no more for the Rose 7 ‘Home’ colorway is here. With a white Primeknit upper and black threads running through, the Royal laces and pull tab really set the colorway off (being a fan of a certain college team, this colorway appeals to a certain individual who shall go unnamed). Knowing how well the Rose 7 performs (it made my — and Nightwing2303’s — end of the year lists), if you were waiting on that white colorway, this may be it.

You can purchase the Rose 7 ‘Home’ at for $160. Sizes are still readily available, and being the first Primeknit colorway to feature a solid outsole, it could be the best performer yet.

If you have a pair of Rose 7, let us know how it performed for you below. Mesh or Primeknit, both versions were great, so sound off.

rose 7 home upper

rose 7 home heel

rose 7 home outsole

rose 7 home toe

rose 7 home tongue

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  1. Just bougt these joints in Canada, since they’re already on clearance racks for 127 CAD. Absolutely perfect for volleyball

  2. You guys gonna do a primeknit performance review? The thicker inner sole in the primeknit models is a game changer.

    1. Also up in Canada here so I got these already to (30% off with the recent boxing day sales) -about the thicker insole – it is not too plush and honestly I can’t see it making much of a difference.

  3. Not much to add if it’s just a matter of an insole. I think the difference between the mesh and PK otherwise that I’ve read via some forums and reviews is a bit exaggerated. The mesh itself really isn’t bad at all. When handling the shoe you can observe it “popping” back into shape but when wearing it feels pretty natural imo. No weird deflections at the toe or anything.

    Maybe the only ding I’d give it is that Adidas probably should’ve gone with a more abrasion-resistant material because the superficial layer on the mesh version seems just as vulnerable as the PK. There’s no real advantage to the mesh other than colors and price (oh boy 20 dollars).

    1. I was hoping the PK would have a better fit in the forefoot than the mesh. The mesh was great at first, but as it broke it, got really sloppy.

  4. I have both the mesh and primeknit versions. My experience is a little different. The mesh has a large bubble toward my forefoot. The bubble in the primeknit on mine is very small toward the forefoot. The cushion on the primeknit feels better too as a result of the insole. Mind you a simple insole insert in the mesh pair would be a fix for both. I do like the 1-to-1 feel of the primeknit though. Just my personal take. Everyone’s foot is different. For me it’s a very good shoe.

    1. Did you find there to be any difference between the traction on the two versions (solid vs. translucent)?

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