adidas Rose 4.5 – Another Look

We’ve seen the adidas Rose 4.5 in one of its Sample stages but this looks to be the completed version.

SprintWeb upper, SprintFrame, PureMotion and GeoFit all make it back onto this version of Rose’s fourth signature sneaker. The upper’s design is a little too funky for my taste and other than the ventilation… there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the 4 and 4.5.

Check it out and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

adidas Rose 4.5 - Another Look

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  1. Yeah, it seems like the Rose 3 – 3.5 again. Add some holes on the sides and put on a weird design (I found the 3.5’s having a weird design) and sell it!

  2. I don’t think Adidas needs to make the rose .5s anymore these last two years they have changed almost nothing

  3. nightwing man i hate adidas Rose line, all their models are pretty much the same from 1 to 4.5,773 and crazy light. sprint frame, geo fit, cushion are the same(horrible). there is no tec that makes people love them. There is No TEC can make the shoe special. For example, melo, lebron, AI all there shoes are different, every one is complete different from each other, different techs. before adidas put boost in, im not buying no adidas

  4. I’ve really loved adidas basketball shoes throughout the past few years, but at times, they can get a bit stagnant by using similar tech on countless models. I love the tech used, but I would like to see it implemented in new ways. Kind of like how Nike and Jordan have overused zoom and lunarlon over the past year or two, but they’re still finding ways to innovate both techs; max zoom, drop-in lunarlon, drop-in lunar+zoom, flight plate unlocked zoom, zoom pods+cushlon, articulated zoom. The list goes on and on, but I hope that we see boost in adidas basketball soon!

  5. I have always thought the rose line looked a bit generic to me…like k mart generic. real cushion no real naturalfoot form…I know I will catch hell from this but I bet thats why he keeps getting injured. From his crap shoes.

    1. yea, Adidas is the shame of German engineering. Actually, it might probably be designed by some yankees in the States. Pretty sure they didn’t get no feedback from D’rose when designing the shoe. If you watch Kobe’s interview on his nikes, and D’rose interview on his adidas, you can tell kobe were in the process of actively participating the design, whereas D’rose is just taking whatever adidas puts on his feet. And look how it turned out.

      1. That’s actually a very good observation. When Rose talks about the shoe, it’s almost like “Thanks for these Adidas”…like they are a gift he’s seeing for the first time. He looks at it in shock and awe. I really do feel back for the guy. Stop with the minimal thing. It’s not working out. For someone that they invest so heavily in, it’s really curious how that is. Nothing has changed.

  6. These look ok but the 4s look much better than these from this angle of the shoe. Do not forget guys everyone judged the 4s when the leaked pics were seen but when the actual shoe was seen it was the best looking rose shoe yet especially in person. this pic looks ok but do not forget the tech is unknown the other colorways are unknown and wait till they are seen in person!

  7. Adidas basketball shoes suck. Until they step up to Nike’s level then they will get none of my business. Every year Nike continues to innovate, take risks, and create shoes that test the boundaries of our sneaker imagination. So my question to Adidas Basketball is: When will you innovate? Or try to be creative?

  8. I wonder if d rose is done..I mean both knees are now blown and if imnotmistaken bad ankles…seems his short career may be over…stupid adidas shoes…

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