adidas Hoops is All in For March Madness

adidas is going all in for March Madness as it unveils the footwear sponsored NCAA teams will be wearing throughout the month, including the adidas Dame 3, Crazy Explosive Low, and Harden Vol. 1.

The teams suiting up and representing the Three Stripes include Arizona State University, Indiana University, University of Kansas, University of Louisville, University of Miami, Mississippi State University, North Carolina State University, University of Nebraska and Texas A&M. All teams have PE editions of some of adidas’ top performing kicks — most of which include the Dame 3. A lot of the Dame 3s look similar to one another, but there are subtle differences if you look closely enough.

Out of the bunch, my favorite pair is the Harden Vol. 1 for Arizona State. Not sure why, but something about them just looks awesome.

There has been no word on any of these PE editions being made available to the public, so for now you’ll have to enjoy them while they’re being worn on-court by someone else.

Let us know how you feel about the footwear lineup being made available to adidas sponsored school athletes during March Madness and stay tuned for updates as they come.

adidas Crazy Explosive Low ‘Kansas’

adidas Dame 3 ‘Indiana’

adidas Dame 3 ‘Louisville’

ADIDAS DAME 3 ‘Mississippi’

ADIDAS DAME 3 ‘Nebraska’

ADIDAS DAME 3 ‘North Caroline State’


ADIDAS DAME 3 ‘University of Miami’

ADIDAS Harden Vol. 1 ‘Arizona State University’


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  1. All great looking options. Adidas should release this online-only so no pairs sit on shelves after the tournament.

  2. I always thought the Dame 3’s had great colorway potential. The Mississippi and Louisville colorways are fire.

  3. No UCLA? So the Under Armour rumors must
    be true. They need all the marquee teams they can get.

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