adidas Digital Sports Releases First-Ever Future/fit Forecast

Today, adidas shared its first-ever list of digital trends in sport and fitness. The predictions are generated from data aggregated in the U.S. through the inaugural adidas Wellness Poll.

The brand surveyed 3,000 US-based men and women of various activity levels aged 18-50 to reveal attitudes and behavior trends in health and fitness. According to adidas, active people were defined as those conducting 30 minutes or more of activity three or more days a week, while inactivity was defined as less than 30 minutes of daily activity per week.

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“Through our open source approach we’ve brought what we know about technology and sport and have partnered with leading experts across the key disciplines of sport, data, and behavior science to come up with the Future/fit Forecast. We’ve identified these five futures as the layers that will come together to create a healthy, fit you and world.“ Stacey Burr Head of Digital Sports

The 2017 Five Futures of Fit are: The Connected You, Social IRL, Banishing Bad, Humanizing Data, and End of Experts. You can view the entire report below and find more information at

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