adidas D Rose 7 Primeknit in White/Black/Royal Makes a Euro Appearance

One of the best performers of the year, the adidas D.Rose 7, gets even better when you upgrade to Primeknit. Unfortunately, or maybe some of you like this aspect, most of the Primeknit colorways have been a little, well, loud. Bright. Hi-lighter bright. For some of us, we want a little, well, less.

Now, we get it., a German shoe shop, has a new Primeknit Rose 7 in white/black/royal, and it is sick. If you don’t know, Primeknit is woven done right — comfy, stretchy, yet supportive. When you add Boost in the midsole, all is right in the world. One thing to note: the outsole is solid, so with the already killer traction pattern this should be the traction for all surfaces, indoor and out.

No official word on US arrival and release, but pricing should be the same $160 as we saw on the first Primeknit versions. This being a Euro site, the 180 Euros converts to $190, so keep that in mind for your wallet.

d rose 7 primeknit white/royal 5

d rose 7 primeknit white/royal 4

d rose 7 primeknit white/royal 3

d rose 7 primeknit white/royal 2

d rose 7 primeknit white/royal

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  1. It needs some orange in there. Let’s go Knicks!!!

    How bad is the translucent sole compared to the solid? I want black PK, and I see they have the black Xeno pair. I already have the black mesh and other than the fit being iffy, I love them. Worth it to go from the mesh to the PK if the outsole is supposedly a downgrade?

    1. actually translucent outsole only a problem when nike/jordan does it, which nightwing says so. i’m using the primeknit version of rose 6s for outdoor courts since august. it’s durable and works perfectly fine.

  2. I only have the solid. I think the main thing is the durability – translucent is usually softer and wears out quicker, but traction on semi-clean courts is still pretty good.

    1. Cool. If the forefoot fit is that much better on the PK, I might have to make that investment, especially if PK isn’t gonna be an option on anytime soon. Thanks for the info.

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