The adidas Cloudfoam Ultra Zen is Now Available

One of the newest offerings from adidas, the Cloudfoam Ultra Zen, offers an interesting new take on the training genre — and it’s available now.

This new silhouette features a slip-on design with no laces, which adidas is claiming makes the shoe extremely easy to put on your foot, even when it’s wet. According to adidas, that’s the whole purpose of this new trainer: a shoe to put on after a hard workout or swim that won’t be difficult to slip on due to sweaty or wet feet. It may be hard to justify purchasing a shoe just for traveling to and from the gym; however, at the affordable price point of $60 dollars, it may make you think twice.

The Cloudfoam Ultra Zen features a one-piece air mesh upper for maximum ventilation, as well as total slip-on ease. As the name suggests, the shoe contains a Cloudfoam Ultra footbed that claims to provide extra-soft, extra-smooth cushioning. And for all you wide-footers out there, the Cloudfoam Ultra Zen touts a wide forefoot fit, which is designed to allow the toes to splay (spread out) and relax after a hard workout.

The Cloudfoam Ultra Zen is available now on and select online adidas retailers in multiple colorways for $60 USD.

What do you think of this different genre of training shoe? Let us know in the comment section below and stay tuned to for more releases from adidas.

adidas Cloudfoam Ultra Zen Release 1

adidas Cloudfoam Ultra Zen Release 2

adidas Cloudfoam Ultra Zen Release 3

adidas Cloudfoam Ultra Zen Release 4

adidas Cloudfoam Ultra Zen Release 5

adidas Cloudfoam Ultra Zen Release 6

adidas Cloudfoam Ultra Zen Release 8

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  1. I didn’t know that there was such a big problem with struggling to put your shoes/slides back on after a workout that would warrant a shoe especially made for it. I’m sure the step in comfort on these is unreal with the cloudfoam and ultra plush looking upper with lots of heel/ankle padding. for $60 and a sleek look I might go for something like this. Especially if it goes down in price a few bucks or I can get a discount from

  2. These look pretty nice…very nice alternative to simple shoes like the roshe 1/2, but at a lower price and probably nicer cushion (how does the cloud foam feel?)

  3. Weird, but I like it. If its comfy I might pick these up. Only $60.

    Anybody knows how cloudfoam feels?

      1. Is Cloudfoam a new thing or have Adidas had it for a while? I don’t recall hearing much about it before.

    1. soft. its not springy but it feels like your pillow. i can’t describe it to u specifically but imagine your foot is your head and cloudfoam is your pillow. its soft like that.

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