Yes, adidas AlphaBounce Slides Are a Thing

If you’re a fan of adidas’ Bounce cushion but don’t think it’s in enough adidas products you’re in luck: there are now adidas AlphaBounce slides.

As with almost all slides the design is time-tested and simple — an adjustable strap at the midfoot with Three Stripe branding secures the foot on the aptly cushioned footbed. That foodbed utilizes Bounce cushion and even echoes the design theme found on the AlphaBounce. Beneath that, a grippy rubber outsole should keep you covered on most surfaces — but I wouldn’t ball in these. I say that because there’s always that guy that does.

If you’re interested in these slides they’re available for 25% off at, bringing them down to around $30 (they haven’t hit yet in the States).

Thoughts on the adidas AlphaBounce slides? Let us know.

Shouts to Pepe MVP Harden for the tip on these!


adidas alphabounce slide 1


adidas alphabounce slide 2


adidas alphabounce slide 3


adidas alphabounce slide 6


adidas alphabounce slide 5


adidas alphabounce slide 7

adidas alphabounce slide 8


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  1. Cool. I’ve always wondered why adidas didn’t use their cushion tech (mostly boost) in slides or slippers. These should be comfy even if it isn’t boost.

  2. These are a bit overkill, like those Lebron air max slides from years ago. But I want a pair. It would be very nice on lazy house days.

  3. These might be my replacement for my Crocs slides (not the traditional clogs, I’m not THAT masochistic) that I’ve had for yeaarrssss. Don’t laugh, those things are stupid comfortable and actually really supportive and feel GREAT under foot after a hard workout/game/practice. But after about 8 years those things are worn out and the foam is feeling flat.

    These look like they might be just as comfortable. Plus, maybe I won’t catch as much crap when I show up at the courts or when I roll up to the rugby pitch.

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