The 10 Most Anticipated Basketball Releases of 2014

Curious to know what I’ve been anticipating as far as on-court performance shoes are concerned for 2014?

If you are then this latest list might be just what you were looking for in order to pick my brain a little. Just a quick rundown of what I’m anticipating for the year as far as the releases that we are currently aware of.

Head over to Sneaker Report to check it out and feel free to come back and let me know what you think along with what you are anticipating for 2014’s basketball footwear lineup.

Side note: There are a couple of other models I’m really looking forward to from some of the other brands as well but I don’t want to leak certain information so they were not included on this list.

The 10 Most Anticipated Basketball Releases of 2014



  1. I can’t verify that this info is true, but according to KD in an interview I saw in a video the kd vi elite will have a 360 bag of some sort similar to the lebron. He didn’t specify if it was a max zoom or regular air, but he left it at that.

    1. I just hope they fixed the traction, they may work fine for an NBA court but not for everyone else.

        1. In college games they slip all the time in the KD’s. I also see more players come out of that shoe than I can count. Lockdown is not there.

          1. The bottom half of the elites look just like the kd V elites so I have no good expectations for the shoe. Flagship elite models never lived up to their name and price

          2. ^^^^^^^^ whaaa fhe kd v elite was 1 KICKASS SHOE
            duno what u talkin about
            Cushioning was good in the non nike + models

  2. One note:
    Those new LeBron shoes you guys see are not LeBron 11 Elite, at least we cannot be sure for now.

    The person who originally posted those pictures is from that “Hupu” Chinese forum. He said “My friend showed me these pictures of new LeBron shoes’ sample. It might be the LeBron 11 Elite or a LeBron 11 “V2″, I don’t know what it is yet.” Then somebody from America saw the post, and copied it to their website and called it LeBron 11 Elite, then everybody started spread the pictures and think of them as LeBron 11 Elite, but the reality is that we cannot be sure yet.

    1. Its a foam known as boost. It adidas’ new foam which allows for ALOT of energy return upon impact. Sort of like a much better foam nike zoom responsiveness wise, but not too sure on impact protection

  3. Yup, I also heard KD spoke about a 360 bag. Anyway, Im curious to see the new Hyperposites. Great ball shoe.

  4. Man I already have a concept for the hyperposite 2015,the lebron 11 elite, the air jordan xx9,and the kd vi elite

  5. Love your posts NW. You really help me out in my purchases. Just a quick question man. In your opinion which shoes has the best low-to-the-ground court feel? Rose 4, crazy quick 2s or the hyperrev?

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